Vision and Mission

Mission of the HERACLES programme

The purpose of HERACLES is to investigate the mechanism of arterial hypertension and the serious diseases associated with it, such as ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, to reduce their high impact on society and on health care, and to lead the cardiovascular prevention research effort in Spain.

Vision of the HERACLES programme

Coordinated multidisciplinary research on the genetic and molecular mechanisms implicated in this group of diseases, as well as the clinical and health care implications that they entail, will contribute to increasing the preventive and therapeutic resources that can reduce the social impact of these diseases. To make this objective possible we count on the contributions of excellent research groups with solid experience and the conviction that the results must be translated through knowledge transfer to the industrial sector to foster innovation and development.

The multidisciplinary nature of the 13 research groups currently involved optimizes the resources invested in the programme and offers the possibility of results without excessive levels of organizational structure, which are inefficient in the scientific world because of the resulting difficulties in communication and coordination.

A very important part of the HERACLES programme’s activity is directed to strengthening scientific excellence, research personnel training, and multidisciplinary teamwork. It is well understood that these processes of integration take time and that the maximum benefits will be obtained in the long term.

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