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Martínez-Zamora MA, Creus M, Tàssies D, Reverter JC, Civico S, Carmona F, Balasch J

Reduced plasma fibrinolytic potential in patients with recurrent implantation failure after IVF and embryo transfer.

Hum. Reprod.. 2011 Mar;26(3):510-6, PMID: 21216787

Recurrent implantation failure (RIF) following embryo transfer (ET) is a major continuing problem in IVF. Women with haemostatic defects may be at increased risk of miscarriage and preclinical pregnancy loss. The fibrinolytic system is considered, at present, the key to new thrombotic pathogenic mechanisms. Patients with unexplained recurrent miscarriage have an impairment of fibrinolysis, as demonstrated by prolonged clot lysis time (CLT) in association with increased plasma levels of thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI). In this study, we investigated fibrinolytic potential in patients with RIF.


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