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Abilleira S, Dávalos A, Chamorro A, Alvarez-Sabín J, Ribera A, Gallofré M

Outcomes of intravenous thrombolysis after dissemination of the stroke code and designation of new referral hospitals in Catalonia: the Catalan Stroke Code and Thrombolysis (Cat-SCT) Monitored Study.

Stroke. 2011 Jul;42(7):2001-6, PMID: 21566237

From 2006, the Stroke Code system operates throughout Catalonia with full coverage. The objective of this study was to determine safety and effectiveness of intravenous thrombolysis in routine practice through a monitored study (Catalan Stroke Code and Thrombolysis [Cat-SCT]) and to assess outcomes according to hospitals' previous experience.


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