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Lopez-Vilchez I, Diaz-Ricart M, White JG, Escolar G, Galán AM

Serotonin enhances platelet procoagulant properties and their activation induced during platelet tissue factor uptake.

Cardiovasc. Res.. 2009 Nov;84(2):309-16, PMID: 19541671

Circulating tissue factor (TF) has been linked to thrombus propagation. Our group demonstrated that platelets possess mechanisms to capture TF-rich microvesicles (TF-MVs). Serotonin facilitates the development of platelets with increased procoagulant activity. An enhanced platelet serotonin uptake has been identified with increased cardiovascular risk. We have investigated the involvement of serotonergic mechanisms facilitating the interaction of human platelets with TF-MVs. Inhibitory strategies aimed at blocking serotonin and coagulation mechanisms were also studied.


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