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Martínez-Rodríguez JE, Iranzo A, Casamitjana R, Graus F, Santamaría J

[Comparative analysis of patients with narcolepsy-cataplexy, narcolepsy without cataplexy and idiopathic hypersomnia].

Med Clin (Barc). 2007 Mar;128(10):361-4, PMID: 17386240

To evaluate the distribution of clinical, electrophysiological and biological variables, and their relationship with the CSF hypocretin-1 levels, in patients with central hypersomnias diagnosed as narcolepsy-cataplexy (NC), narcolepsy without cataplexy (NnC) and idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) based on the ICSD-2 criteria.


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