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Giralt-Steinhauer E, Jiménez-Conde J, Soriano Tárraga C, Mola M, Rodríguez-Campello A, Cuadrado-Godia E, Ois A, Fernandez-Cadenas I, Carrera C, Montaner J, Díaz Navarro RM, Vives-Bauzá C, Roquer J

Exploring the genetic basis of stroke. Spanish stroke genetics consortium.

Neurologia. 2014 Jul;29(9):560-6, PMID: 23831412

This article provides an overview of stroke genetics studies ranging from the candidate gene approach to more recent studies by the genome wide association. It highlights the complexity of stroke owing to its different aetiopathogenic mechanisms, the difficulties in studying its genetic component, and the solutions provided to date. The study emphasises the importance of cooperation between the different centres, whether this takes places occasionally or through the creation of lasting consortiums. This strategy is currently essential to the completion of high-quality scientific studies that allow researchers to gain a better knowledge of the genetic component of stroke as it relates to aetiology, treatment, and prevention.


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