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López-Farré AJ, Zamorano-León JJ, Segura A, Mateos-Cáceres PJ, Modrego J, Rodríguez-Sierra P, Calatrava L, Tamargo J, Macaya C

Plasma desmoplakin I biomarker of vascular recurrence after ischemic stroke.

J. Neurochem.. 2012 Apr;121(2):314-25, PMID: 22304020

Stroke patients have a high risk of vascular recurrence. Biomarkers related to vascular recurrence, however, remain to be identified. The aim of the study was to identify, through proteomic analysis, plasma biomarkers associated with vascular recurrence within one year after the first ischemic stroke. This is a substudy (n = 134) of a large prospective multicenter study of post-stroke patients with an ischemic stroke. Plasma samples were obtained at inclusion. Among the identified proteins, only plasma levels of desmoplakin I were associated with protection against a new vascular event (Odds ratio: 0.64; 95% CI: 0.46-0.89; p = 0.009) after adjustment for hypercholesterolemia, statins and previous atherothrombotic stroke subtype. A greater number of patients without vascular recurrence had been treated with statins within three months of the recent ischemic stroke. Only patients who had been taking statins for 3 months after the ischemic stroke and did not suffer vascular recurrence over a follow-up year, have higher levels of desmoplakin I at the time of inclusion (Odds ratio 0.49; 95% CI: 0.28-0.86; p = 0.013). Increased desmoplakin I levels, determined within 1-3 months of the first ischemic stroke, could be a biomarker for statin responsiveness against a new vascular event in post-ischemic stroke patients taking statins early (1-3 months) after the ischemic stroke.


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