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Chinchilla A, Daimi H, Lozano-Velasco E, Dominguez JN, Caballero R, Delpón E, Tamargo J, Cinca J, Hove-Madsen L, Aranega AE, Franco D

PITX2 insufficiency leads to atrial electrical and structural remodeling linked to arrhythmogenesis.

Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2011 Jun;4(3):269-79, PMID: 21511879

Pitx2 is a homeobox transcription factor that plays a pivotal role in early left/right determination during embryonic development. Pitx2 loss-of-function mouse mutants display early embryonic lethality with severe cardiac malformations, demonstrating the importance of Pitx2 during cardiogenesis. Recently, independent genome-wide association studies have provided new evidence for a putative role of PITX2 in the adult heart. These studies have independently reported several risk variants close to the PITX2 locus on chromosome 4q25 that are strongly associated with atrial fibrillation in humans.


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