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Rovira M, Delaspre F, Massumi M, Serra SA, Valverde MA, Lloreta J, Dufresne M, Payré B, Konieczny SF, Savatier P, Real FX, Skoudy A

Murine embryonic stem cell-derived pancreatic acinar cells recapitulate features of early pancreatic differentiation.

Gastroenterology. 2008 Oct;135(4):1301-1310, 1310.e1-5, PMID: 18725222

Acinar cells constitute 90% of the pancreas epithelium, are polarized, and secrete digestive enzymes. These cells play a crucial role in pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. However, there are limited models to study normal acinar cell differentiation in vitro. The aim of this work was to generate and characterize purified populations of pancreatic acinar cells from embryonic stem (ES) cells.


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