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Vidal B, Sitges M, Marigliano A, Delgado V, Díaz-Infante E, Azqueta M, Tamborero D, Tolosana JM, Berruezo A, Pérez-Villa F, Paré C, Mont L, Brugada J

Optimizing the programation of cardiac resynchronization therapy devices in patients with heart failure and left bundle branch block.

Am. J. Cardiol.. 2007 Sep;100(6):1002-6, PMID: 17826387

This study was conducted to investigate the clinical impact of cardiac resynchronization device optimization. A series of 100 consecutive patients received cardiac resynchronization therapy. In the first 49 patients, an empirical atrioventricular delay of 120 ms was set, with simultaneous biventricular stimulation (interventricular [VV] interval=0 ms). In the next 51 patients, systematic atrioventricular optimization was performed. VV optimization was also performed, selecting 1 VV delay: right or left ventricular preactivation (+30 or -30 ms) or simultaneous (VV interval=0 ms), according to the best synchrony obtained by tissue Doppler-derived wall displacement. At follow-up, patients who were alive without cardiac transplantation and showed improvement of >or=10% in the distance walked in the 6-minute walking test were considered responders. There were no differences between the 2 groups at baseline. Left ventricular ejection fraction improved in the 2 groups, but left ventricular cardiac output improved only in the optimized group. At 6 months, patients with optimized devices walked slightly further in the 6-minute walking test (497+/-167 vs 393+/-123 m, p<0.01), with no differences in New York Heart Association functional class or quality of life compared with nonoptimized patients. Overall, the number of nonresponders were similar in the 2 groups (27% vs 23%, p=NS). In conclusion, the echocardiographic optimization of cardiac resynchronization devices provided a slight incremental clinical benefit at midterm follow-up. Simple and rapid methods to routinely optimize the devices are warranted.


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