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Batlle M, Pérez-Villa F, Lázaro A, García-Pras E, Ramírez J, Ortiz J, Orús J, Roqué M, Heras M, Roig E

Correlation between mast cell density and myocardial fibrosis in congestive heart failure patients.

Transplant. Proc.. 2007 Sep;39(7):2347-9, PMID: 17889184

Besides the well-established role of mast cells in allergic reactions as an important source of vasoactive and proinflammatory products, they have been related to tissue fibrosis and remodelling processes. In a heart failure (HF) animal model, mast cells were shown to synthesize transforming growth factor beta1 and basic fibroblast growth factor in myocardial tissue and were localized to an area with fibrosis. Our objective was to quantify mast cell density in left ventricles from patients with congestive heart failure who were candidates for transplantation and to analyze whether they showed a correlation with the fibrosis level of the same area.


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