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López-Farré AJ, Modrego J, Azcona L, Guerra R, Segura A, Rodríguez P, Zamorano-León JJ, Lahera V, Macaya C

Nitric oxide from mononuclear cells may be involved in platelet responsiveness to aspirin.

Eur. J. Clin. Invest.. 2014 May;44(5):463-9, PMID: 24571196

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain why some platelets have a reduced response to aspirin (ASA). Among them, it was reported an increased circulating level of vitamin-D-binding protein (DBP). In addition, nitric oxide (NO) released from mononuclear cells was involved in the antiplatelet effects of ASA. The aim was to analyse the relationship between platelet response to ASA and both NO generation and vitamin-D-binding protein content in mononuclear cells.


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