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Fernández-Friera L, Garcia-Alvarez A, Ibáñez B

Imagining the future of diagnostic imaging.

Rev Esp Cardiol (Engl Ed). 2013 Feb;66(2):134-43, PMID: 23273623

Cardiovascular imaging has become essential to achieving a better understanding of cardiovascular diseases. Due to the advent of new technology and the refinement of existing technologies, imaging's role has extended into the biological, functional, and hemodynamic diagnosis of multiple pathophysiologic processes. Current and future trends in cardiovascular imaging will focus on improving early diagnosis of vascular disease, so as to be able to promote cardiovascular health, and on its development as a useful tool in clinical decision-making. Imaging is also increasingly used to quantify the effect of novel therapies. The rapid development of molecular imaging and fusion imaging techniques improves our understanding of cardiovascular processes from the molecular and cellular points of view and makes it possible to design and test new preventive interventions. The proliferation and integration of imaging techniques in different clinical areas and their role in "translational imaging" plays an important part in the implementation of personalized therapeutic and preventive management strategies for patients with cardiovascular disease. Full English text available from:www.revespcardiol.org/en.


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